German CIVIS Television Prize 2006

"Menschen hautnah: The Enemy Among Us", Nicola Graef

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Menschen hautnah: The Enemy Among Us:
When A Child Becomes a Nazi
Documentary, WDR
Author: Nicola Graef
Editing: Wilfried Prill
45 min.

Documentary Contents
At some point, he hears music from the extremist right-wing scene, rumbles with Turkish youths, begins blaming everything on foreigners. Only gradually does his mother begin to grasp what is going on, she tries to talk things over with her son. But when your kids come home with shaved heads, talking rarely does much good. This documentary accompanies two families, pointing up what it means for parents and their kids to get caught up in the right-wing scene: endless arguing, violence, weapons possession, clashes with the police – terrible years, lost time. All of this is revealed with arresting candor, yet without voyeurism.

Jury statement
The extreme right wing youth culture is making inroads into decent middle-class circles. This unusual WDR documentary illustrates just how alone families can feel when confronted with this problem. Author Nicola Graef follows these families and young people without ever indulging in voyeurism. She succeeds in producing images and statements that are striking in their candor. Viewers are confronted with the sheer helplessness of these families, and learn how unbearable that can be. But her film also demonstrates that when met with determination, the problem can be overcome. Here is an impressive documentary with sustained impact.

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