Juliane Bartel Media prize

Ladies First Women in Boards of Directors and Governing Bodies

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Date: 14.10.2014
Location: Hannover

The movie "Ladies First Women in Boards of Directors and Governing Bodies" has been nominated as one out of seven productions in the category best documentary/ reportage/ feature for the Juliane Bartel Media prize.

The "Juliane Bartel Media prize" is been awarded for the 14th time from the Department of Human Resources in Niedersachsen, supported by many other institutions. The prize is been given to authors whos work show a realistic image of the complex living environment of women today. By showing exemplary emancipatory solutions the works are supposed to give an insight in conflicts and problems as well. The goal of the event is to contribute to the equality between women and men through the media.

The decision will be announced on the 14.10.2014 in Hannover.

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