About Lona•media

For more than 15 years, Lona•media has been producing documentaries, reportage, portraits, and documentary feature films for public television, cinema, and the international market.

Lona•media is interested in phenomena that escape attention at first glance. We want to tell stories that are genuinely moving. To entertain without being superficial. Thought-provoking, but never detached. To be touching without being kitschy. We tell stories from around the world. Perceptive accounts of singular lives, enthralling events, and fascinating personalities from the realms of culture, scholarship, and science. Whether the subject is a celebrated North American painter, a large family in northern Germany, or viniculture in the South Seas, we tell stories that are inspiring, poignant, and challenging. We focus on social taboos, political flashpoints, historic events. But we also care about the beauty, aesthetics, the pleasure offered by images. Our perspective of the world is never one-dimensional, but instead flexible, inquisitive, and nuanced. We aspire to make each film an enriching and rewarding experience for the viewer.

For years, we have had excellent working relationships with ARD, ZDF, and ARTE. We realize international coproductions on a regular basis, mainly in Europe, the US, and Australia. We often work on other continents as a production firm, and have earned a reputation as a reliable partner for special projects. Our films are distributed worldwide, and have been shown on television in 40 different countries. Lona•media participates in the major documentary film festivals, and works together with a variety of international distributors. Our productions are shown in cinemas and at film festivals around the world, and have received numerous awards.

Lona•media also produces films in collaboration with museums and art galleries, as well as image films for private firms and enterprises.

Lona•media has branches in Hamburg and Berlin.