• Death of a Judge - Kirsten Heisig

    The suicide of juvenile court judge Kirsten Heisig of Berlin simultaneously appalled and intrigued Germans everywhere. This eminent, courageous jurist devoted decades to fighting for her ideals: she believed in swift action against youthful repeat of[…]
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  • Reassessing Modernism (AT)

    For centuries, Europeans have celebrated the fine arts as being among our key cultural assets. In the broadest sense, art that is regarded as historically relevant is that produced either in Europe or on other continents whose cultures are both proxi[…]
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  • Groping Prohibited!

    Thu. 27.11.18, 23:15, Phoenix Fri. 30.11.18, 02:25, Phoenix In July of 2016, the German Bundestag strengthened the laws concerning sexual offenses. For the first time, sexual harassment was incorporated into the criminal code. So-called "groping"[…]
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  • Gysi

    Gregor Gysi – a man who shaped the German political party Die Linke (The Left) like no other; a man whose life oscillates between the old Germany and the new one. A man who has not escaped unscathed in various spheres of life: political, privat[…]
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  • Happy without a partner

    The topic of relationships and sex threads its way – often unspoken yet self-evident – through our lived world like a natural law. Yet the number of singles grows ever larger. And at some point, almost as a matter of course, unmarried women and men[…]
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In production

  • Legendary Grand Hotels (4 x 43/52 min.)

    1. “Hotel Adlon in Berlin” – Lorenz Adlon and his Hotel between Two Worlds 2. “Beau-Rivage in Geneva” – The Mayer Family and their Hotel of Fortune 3. “The American Colony in Jerusalem” – Anna S[…]
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  • Lonely City

    Cinematic documentary

    Eyes in the Big City „When you go to work early in the morning when you stand at the station with your worries: There the coty reveals To your asphalt clear In a human crater Millions of faces: Two foreign eyes, a quic[…]
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  • México (3 x 45 min.)

    Mi Amor

    Media reports about Mexico are often negative: criminality, drug cartels, Trump's plan for a wall. Yet Mexico is a modern, multifaceted country that ranges from the desert sands of the north to the dense jungles of the south. Here, people live their […]
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  • Zsa Zsa Gabor

    Zsa Gabor was an actress, a beauty queen, but first and foremost a star – one who ascended into Hollywood Heaven less through her professional achievements than through the skillful staging of her own persona. To be sure, the native of Hungary […]
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  • Max Liebermann – The Path to Modernism

    Max Liebermann (1847-1935) was not only a major German Impressionist artist, but a leading pioneer of modern German painting as well. Liebermann helped to initiate a revolution in art, was a witness to the “Golden Twenties,” and experienc[…]
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  • The New Leipzig School

    Paint, Paint, Paint – Then and Now

    When it comes to painting as a medium, the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst /Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig has always asserted itself confidently and with great dedication against prevailing trends in art. As far as the professors here are conc[…]
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  • No Roof over Your Head

    Families without Homes

    Nearly always, homelessness affects men, the jobless, people with substance abuse problems. At least that is the image of homelessness that is anchored in many minds. Reality has long since ceased to conform to this image. In larger cities in particu[…]
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  • “I'm In the Wrong Body”

    “For a long time, I was unhappy, and I wondered all the time what could be wrong. You don't think about your sex, you're just born like that, and at first, you think, that's the way it is.” Renè Hauschke is 16 years old, came out as tran[…]
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  • Stadt-Land-Flucht

    Immer mehr Menschen ziehen weltweit in die Städte. 2050 werden 70% der Weltbevölkerung in Städten wohnen. Auch im Südwesten Deutschlands ist dies klarer Trend. Die Stadt Mainz zum Beispiel verzeichnet einen jährlichen Anstieg[…]
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  • When the North Learned to Dance

    On the basis of the history of long-established dance schools in northern Germany, the documentary "When the North Learned to Dance" tells the story of how shortly before World War II, the innocuous, private diversion of ballroom dancing became a pol[…]
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  • Chippendales: An (Almost) Naked Phenomenon

    In 2019, the group was 40 years old, and was filmed for the cinema by Hollywood legend Ridley Scott. Chippendales, the most successful male striptease group in the world. Celebrated as an emancipatory symbol of freedom, frowned upon as clichéd. How […]
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  • Single Parent, No Job, No Apartment

    For many people in Germany today, homelessness has become a depressing daily reality. And what should we make of the fact that it is primarily women and single parents who are affected? But surely, you will ask, not here in Germany! Unfortunately, ye[…]
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