Collecting Art (4-piece)

Germany's Elite Collectors and their Museums

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What kind of people invest the greater part of their wealth in art? What drives them? The thrill of the chase? Sheer enthusiasm? Glamour? How do they live, and why do they go to such lengths to build their own temples?
In this four-part series, we accompany a quartet of the most important German collectors. We portray their unusual biographies, their singular life stories and anecdotes, their very personal dreams and passions. In these portraits, we observe collectors from Berlin, Baden-Württemberg, and North Rhine-Westphalia as they search for the best picture, visit their favorite artists, attend art parties and fairs, offering glimpses of their private lives as well. All have something in common – and not just their passion for art. Each of these collectors has a private museum.
This visually sophisticated and highly varied documentary throws an intense and subjective gaze on the passion of art collectors – and on the public's interest in sharing in their treasures. It provides an unconventional perspective of art history and of the lives of great collector personalities – of enthralling and demanding individuals with idiosyncratic views of art and highly contrasting lifestyles.

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