At the Back of Beyond (5 x 26'30)

The Ends of the Earth - France
06.11 - 02:40

The Ends of the Earth - Sri Lanka
07.11 - 03:45
14.11 - 15:25

The Ends of the Earth - Norway
08.11 - 03:30
15.11 - 15:20

The Ends of the Earth - Pennsylvania, USA
09.11 - 01:45
16.11 - 15:20

The Ends of the Earth - Spain
10.11 - 1:55

The ends of the earth are magical places at the edges of civilization. Places whose proper names already have the ring of unbounded vastness: World's End, Worlds End, Finisterre, Finistère. All are different, yet all share something in common. All are situated in landscapes characterized by the forces of nature. All are virtually unpopulated. And all were baptized with such names by people who know them because they reveal to us all that nature has to offer: endless expanses, saturated colors, deep gorges, a wealth of animal life, and horizons that never seem to end.

The five–part docuseries The Ends of the Earth embarks upon a journey to these regions, and tries to discover what distinguishes these far-flung places. The renowned photographer Florian Wagner sets out on our behalf to these remote locations, traveling by foot, by bicycle, by bus, or by boat, striking out each time on a fresh journey, choosing the suitable mode of transportation, each of them offering a different perspective. Florian Wagner is a photographer, paragliding instructor and helicopter pilot based in Munich; he is an adventurer. In his search for unique places and perfect images, he encounters the locals, who supply information about everyday life and about the histories of their homes. Fishermen, rangers, and tea cultivators bring viewers closer to the respective region and its inhabitants. This journey to the "ends of the earth" also means a rapprochement with the tempo of these far-flung locales, where the "clocks run at a different speed": here, people are obliged to orient themselves in relation to nature. In these fascinating places, the modern individual, convinced that everything can be mastered, will perhaps learn to be a bit more humble, modest. Our production offers breathtaking, high-quality images of singular places that are found at the very ends of the earth.

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