Happy without a partner

The topic of relationships and sex threads its way – often unspoken yet self-evident – through our lived world like a natural law. Yet the number of singles grows ever larger. And at some point, almost as a matter of course, unmarried women and men in their “prime years” in particular become outsiders. Individuals between 30 and 40 years of age, when it seems time to take the next step in life, find that most of their friends have indeed started families; now, outside pressure to do so becomes ever greater. There is that constant look of pity, which seems to say: Why don't you have a partner? Is there something wrong with you? According to the biblical image of humankind, each individual is created for the sake of the larger community. But does community necessarily mean relationships and marriage? Or can community be experienced in different ways – through friendships, with like-minded individuals, with housemates? This film showcases the problems that confront involuntarily singles. What impact do their struggles have on self-image? Is self-doubt a constant and tormenting presence? What is life like for women who are afraid of remaining permanently childless because they failed to find a partner “in time”? We accompany involuntary singles in their struggles for recognition, in their striving to combat insecurity, and finally, on their journeys of self-discovery.

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