Lonely City

Cinematic documentary

Eyes in the Big City
„When you go to work
early in the morning
when you stand at the station
with your worries:
There the coty reveals
To your asphalt clear
In a human crater
Millions of faces:
Two foreign eyes, a quick glance,
the brows, pupils, eyelids –
What was that? Perhaps your life joy...
Over, dead end, never again.“

Kurt Tucholsky
“Lonely City” gives voice to a feeling that gives no quarter to any generation, social grouping, or occupational sphere. A feeling that seems symptomatic of a time when increasingly, encounters between people occur digitally, when extended, committed partnerships are increasingly rare, when people no longer enjoy the comfort of large families or dependable circles of friends, perhaps because – as a function of job changes or work stress – people devote too little attention to cultivating relationships. Statistics confirm this: ever greater numbers of people feel isolated, suffer from loneliness, live on their own. Our society has changed. Today, it is increasingly evident how much has been sacrificed to a tendency toward individualization, formerly celebrated as liberatory: commitment, loyalty, intimacy. In large cities, more and more singles apartments are under construction – simply because they are needed.
In this film, Berlin serves as a real-life backdrop for experiences of loneliness. The film drifts through the city together with its protagonists in an episodic way. Each of the individuals who appear in it leads a singular, solitary existence: abandoned, widowed, single, overworked, overstrained, eternally in search of a significant other. All share the sensation of not quite belonging anywhere in this city.
The film strives to narrate the story of this distinctive feeling. Poetic, attentive, understated, unhurried, but also inquisitive, entertaining, varied.

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