Legends of the East: Angelica Domröse and Hilmar Thate

Together, they formed the most glamorous actor couple in the east: Angelica Domröse, the “Brigitte Bardot of the East,” and Hilmar Thate, “Richard the III.” In September, 2010, Berlin got its first “Walk of Fame,” and Angelica Domröse is one of the few personalities to have the privilege of immortalizing herself. Domröse – who grew up in Berlin and whose key experiences as an actress took place there – made cinematic history when she played the main role in the GDR classic “Paul und Paula.” Thate, who came from the little village of Dölau, made a name for himself with the Berliner Ensemble, and performed later under Fassbinder, Wedel, and Schlöndorff. After the “Biermann Affair,” both came reluctantly to the west, where they performed on the great stages of the Schillertheater, the Volksbühne, and under the director Tabori in Vienna. Two lives filled with heights and depths, but always with passion and an insatiable love for art. And: an unlikely couple. She, the beautiful diva, he the intractable anarchist. Yet even today, they remain a pair. The film undertakes a journey into the pasts of both artistic personalities, while also presenting their present lives.

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