Kate - Creating an Icon

Delicate of stature, with streaked blond hair, not especially tall, unassuming without makeup and styling – but despite all of that, unassailably successful. No other supermodel has ever made it onto the covers of so many different magazines, appeared so often in the headlines, or attracted such legions of male and female fans. Kate Moss: model, mother, muse, millionaire. She provokes, polarizes, and profits in the end from her own myth. Kate Moss – idol of aentire generation. In 2010, the Museé des Arts Décoratifs in Paris will dedicate the first major exhibition to her, documenting the incomparable career and biography of a style and lifestyle icon. Opening already in May of 2009 at the Metropolitan Museum in New York was the exhibition “The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion,” which included numerous photographs of this English “lass.”
But what is it that makes an icon? How does a woman like Kate Moss come to be worshiped by an entire generation? Not just in the fashion world, but in the art scene as well, this native of England has inspired a veritable flood of imagery, one that never seems to end: from art superstar Damien Hirst to English painter legend Lucian Freud, artists young and old cannot seem to escape from her spell, and their artworks have contributed much to her ever-growing iconic status. What role is played by icons in the media age, when the flood of imagery has become fathomless? What yearnings are satisfied by such legends? Fitting questions for a documentary on the Moss phenomenon.

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