Learning from Lang Lang (2-piece)

Ever since Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart little musical geniuses have fascinated mankind. How can a young child play such virtuous tunes? This phenomenon is not bound to a certain historical period; the little geniuses are also born today. The viewers are glued to their seats in speechless fascination when they watch these young musicians play on stage. One of these young super talents is 15year old Matthias Hegemann from Muehlheim an der Ruhr in Germany’s west. As one of two European musicians he was selected to become scholar at the LangLang Foundation. The world-famous Chinese piano player decided right away to support the carrier of the talented boy when he first watched a video where Matthias played.

We will follow important six month in the life of Matthias Hegemann. He is a normal boy when he plays football or studies for his Latin proficiency certificate. But his piano play may not suffer during the preparation for his exams. A few important tests will decide about his future carrier: Will Matthias win the international music competition in Granada this summer? Of course the influence of his famous teacher and supporter may not miss: What will LangLang say about his development when they meet on a visit in Europe? Will Matthias have the possibility to play in front of a great audience together with his idol and renowned teacher?
In this documentary we will follow the highly talented Matthias Hegemann in his every day life, but we will also witness the extraordinary challenges the young super talent has to master.

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