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A Filmcrew from Germany made their way to the United States from September 21 – 28 to document Worlds End State Park as part of a series titled „The Ends of the Earth,“ produced by Lonamedia. The series takes a look at five natural regions that have been named „Worlds End,“ located in Norway, Sri Lanka, Pennsylvania, Spain and France. Pictured left to right at Canyon Vista at Worlds End are director Heike Nikolaus, Worlds End State Park manager Bill Kocher, cameraman Felix Greif, camera assistant Zora Butzke and photographer/presenter Florian Wagner. Photos courtesy of Heike Nikolaus.

The cliffs, vista views and natural beauty of Worlds End State Park will reach the television screen through Germany-based producers Lona-media. In a project directed by Heike Nilolaus, produced by ZDF/Arte, and featuring artistic nature photographer Florian Wagner as presenter, „The Ends oft he Earth“ series will be comprised of five half-hour segments. Each segment will focus on a unique natural region that has been named „World“s End“. The five World`s End are located in Norway, Sri Lanka, Pennsylvania, Spain and France (the latter two are known as „Finisterre and Finistére,“ derived from the Latin term for „End of the Earth“).

Lona-medias website explains that the production company is dedicated to „telling stories from around the world. Perceptive accounts of singular lives, enthralling events, and fascinating personalities from the realms of culture, scholarship and science.“ Director Nikolaus and her team demonstrated this during the week they spent in Pennsylvania from September 21 to 28, visiting not only Worlds End, but also filming the states unique Amish community and taking a step back in time on Jim Browns farm in Tunkhannock. Nikolaus noted that their first view days in the United States were spent with a host who showed them around the Amish community in southeastern Pennsylvania before travelling up to Forksville. Nikolaus and presenter Florian Wagner enjoyed Philly style cheesesteaks at „Big Mikes“ Forksville General Store, and then visited Sullivan Countys covered bridges. Before exploring Worlds End State Park with Bill Kocher, park manager, the team spent a day in the farm of Jim Brown in Tunkhannock. Browns farm is unique because rather than updating to modern machinery, he still uses horses to plow his fields and plow his lands. Finally, the group set up in Sullivan County again to focus on their shows star: Worlds End. Park Manager Bill Kocher reviewed with them information about the state parks`s history and natural highlights, and then the film crew viewed first-hand the wonders of the park.

Nikolaus said that they watched a sunset from High Knob Overlook, saw the expansive view from Canyon Vista and studied the unique stone formations oft he Rock Garden. The Worlds End State Park episode will be the third in the series. „The Ends oft he Earth“ will air the summer of 2017 on the program Arte. It will be available online for a week on the „mediathek“ page of the German website arte:

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